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lisatownsend's Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in lisatownsend's LiveJournal:

Saturday, March 13th, 2004
3:27 am
Dum de dum. I thought it was time I got back here. QWell, it's been a nice day. I er didn't get up til half one- although that was an accident! *blushes and looks round to avoid fainting friends- especially Donna* I then did some House Work. Ooops. I guess that's another fine! and just as I'd finished that, my mum phoned to tell me to join her and my dad in town for dins before cinema! Nice. And they were so pleased to see me (altogether now, awww..) although a little bemused at my enthusiasm for the wonder that was last weekend. Everyone was soooo nice. And best of all, I got loads of inspiration for Tara (yes, KB, that means you *snigger*) so that PB is chatting away quite happily.
Only prob is that I've had time to think about the fill in and am starting to hope that the proof reader thingy at GGB doesn't take til kingdom come before getting back to me. I'm getting jittery and losing confidence in it *waaaah* but at least I've got an idea for another chapter, thanks to OOAOHM.
Work is going sort of well. It'd help if I could get up in the morning. Why do archives have to close at half four?! That's just stupid!!!! And I'm gonna visit my great granny is hossie tmw and do some family quzzing. My mum says you just need to press the right buttons (so to speak) and she'll go on for hours about the family background. Palaces and all(!) Apparently her brother was killed in WWI and his name is on the Cenotaph thingy in Whitehall! *contemplating a visit to London, just to have a look*

Current Mood: bouncy
Friday, March 5th, 2004
12:13 am
Hum. I hate big groups!! My MA class used to be only 5 people plus the tutor. Now it
's over ten and I'm struggling. The tutor is very good and looks out for me, but I feel i should be more proactive- but it's so difficult to keep on saying 'sorry i didn't hear that/didn't understand that' and it could easily take over the whole session which isn't fairn to the others. ESpecially when I'm not strictly speaking registered for this class- I can't make extra demands.

Anyway...TG is tmw!!! The nerves are starting to kick in. Will I survive the weekend?!! Will I be able to communicate and relax or feel isolated? Only time will tell.
Thursday, March 4th, 2004
3:03 am
I love that MLP lark. Thanks, Pim! i awiped the idea from you. I think.
Well, less than 48 hours til TG!!! Am so excited! Sorry Angel can't come though. But it'll be lovely to see veryone face to face rather than in cyberterms.

I haven't got much work done today. Really do need to get a move on. Lauren was online earlier and didn't say anything. I didn't say anything either which makes me feel guilty. How long will it take before i really feel at ease talking to her again? It's been four bl**dy years after all. Time and MORE than time enough. Plus I'm feeling guilty for not going to church. My dad nags me about it- and I kinda want to- but evangelical churches are NOT designewd for the hearing impaired. All that happy-clappiness and dancing around. And the hypocrisy, and the unintentional cruelty that can lie beneath the surface. It chills me a little. Well, a lot! : )
2:57 am
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004
10:00 pm
Well, after nagging from various people I've finally taken the plunge (many thanks to Angel). I haven't got much to say right now- too traumatised over the collapse of the CBB, methinks! However, I'm certain such uncharacteristic reticence won't last long. In the meantime I'm trying to finish a research proposal! : )

Current Mood: aggravated
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